Have you ever wanted to buy a sports team?

Prosportsowner.com allows you to buy a sports team. Do you want to hire or fire the coach? Would you like to negotiate and sign the players?

How about setting ticket prices, concession menus, and choosing a new logo or team mascot?

At Prosportsowner, you are the owner and you are in charge. 

With Prosportsowner, you have total control of the team. Using our online platform, you make decisions on the direction of the team/club.

Manage the roster and make gameday decisions including playing time and the starting lineup.

This is like a real-life fantasy sports team, where you are in control.

In-game control

Using our proprietary in-game application, you can suggest play calls, substitutions, and otherwise direct the flow of the game.

All decisions are crowd-sourced by the registered subscribers, so this is truly fan ownership at it’s finest.

Most of all, it is affordable.

For as little as $1.99 per month you get all the benefits of being a team owner.

Buy a sports team now. 


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